Moderate your Real Estate content now to comply with all privacy and security issues in the industry!

One way to automatically moderate your content is through computer vision. This technology will help you detect and categorize sensitive, unwanted, or irrelevant content in your images. Then, you can easily remove them or look  for alternatives. 

We offer a brand new solution to moderate your content by flagging:

  • Logos & Watermarks
  • Relevant vs Non-relevant
  • Phone Numbers & E-mails
  • Faces & License Plates
  • Real Estate Signs

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Darius Bradbury

Founder at OpenRent

"'s ability to detect logos and watermarks helps us more quickly spot quality control issues of our visual content, a critical part of our business"

Szabó Péter

Founder at Ingatlan

"'s tech improved our user experience by moderating the 30.000 real estate images uploaded on our platform daily."


Logos & Watermarks

Logos and Watermarks are not only a visual impediment to the presentation of a listing, but a way for third parties to unknowingly advertise on your portal. Using a computer vision solution will detect all logos and watermarks for you to either remove the photos or charge third parties for them.

Relevant vs Non-relevant

Not only will it destroy your authority as a platform, but having pictures of someone's motorcycle, personal objects, or any other irrelevant content on a listing will negatively influence a buyer's purchasing decisions. Using an image recognition API will detect all unrelated images to real estate, for you to remove them.

Content moderation-04-3.png

Phone Numbers & E-mails

Often, sellers decide to display contact information or other promotional aspects as text on images. This  distracts attention from your portal and negatively affects your lead generation. Computer vision is able to detect all text on photos, making it easy for you to alert the seller or remove them from your website and ensuring that your leads are kept safe.

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