Automatically detect and remove watermarks from your photos

Bulk watermark removal tool

We have developed the first tool that allows watermarks to be removed at scale. Our API can process any quantity of images, detect whether they have watermarks and then return a set of watermark-free photos.


Due to high demand, we are prioritizing clients with the following needs:

  • Large volume of images
  • Limited number of watermarks to detect and remove
  • Legitimate and legal use cases

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GIF of various types of watermarks

Why remove watermarks?

Comply with marketplace rules

Many channels like Google Shopping and Facebook Marketplace, are penalizing or banning ads that contain watermarks. Unfortunately, many vendors have trouble finding their un-watermarked images.

Keep leads on your site

Watermarks are a distraction that can lead users off your site, costing you commissions and traffic. At the same time, many marketplaces are worried if they prevent them, their suppliers will move elsewhere. Let marketplaces provide suppliers an option to remove watermarks upon upload.

Only for ethical use cases

While there are many ethical reasons to remove watermarks, it is never okay to remove watermarks on a photo you do not own or have not been given permission to alter. We do not support any illegal use cases.

How does watermark removal work?

Watermark over transparent background

You provide us the watermark(s) to be detected

Currently, the solution can only remove specific pre-determined watermarks. As such, we need to receive the image file(s) of the watermark(s) on a transparent background.

Watermark identified on a wheel

Our AI reviews the photos and detects the watermarks

Our watermark detection API will review all the images to determine which photos contain watermarks, as well as the location of the watermarks within the photo.
GIF of watermark on wheel being removed

Our AI removes the watermarks and returns clean images

The photos with watermarks will be passed to's watermark removal API. Our solution will remove the watermarks and it will return you clean images. enables companies to save time and money by automating content moderation processes. We leverage the power of AI and computer vision to eliminate high volume repeatable tasks and enhance people's abilities to grow their businesses. Every day, our AI powers the leaders of classifieds, marketplaces and portals to create the best experiences for their users.